Orlaya Flora

Our Farm


Our farm is located in Hillsborough, NC. We are growing a diversity of sought after seasonal blooms for our community, all year long. We are in the process of establishing permanent beds and working towards a no-till operation. Transitioning to no-till eliminates the need for a tractor, allowing us to plant intensively, and, most importantly, will help preserve the integrity of the land. We are committed to using organic practices

This is what I remember from our old page:

Our farm is on 1/4 of leased land in Hillsborough, NC. Our aim is to grow the lushest, longest lasting blooms for our flower subscription customers, brides, and floral designers. 

We farm by hand using ecological practices including minimal tillage because we care deeply about building soil, creating a habitat for pollinators, and providing pesticide free blooms to the people.